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Regular commissions are thisaway!

HEY WANT SOME ICONS FOR YOUR OBSCURE CHARACTER/OC/CHARACTER THAT IS ALL OVER BUT YOU WANT MORE ICONS ANYWAY?? I can help with that! My icon posting blog is right here, but I've got a few samples below, as well. 

Color Icons:

Black and White Icons:

Aannnddd here's some nonhuman examples too:


$15 = 1 b&w icon
$25 = 3 b&w icons
$130 = full set of 15 b&w
$20 = 1 colored icon
$35 = 3 colored icons
$170 = full set of 15 colored

For orders over 3 icons and under 15 icons, they will be priced at $12 per for color, and $9 per for b&w
*Note: I may charge slightly more if you have a complex design.

I accept payment through Paypal. I will provide an estimation of how long your order will take at the time you place it, but typically it will be finished in under 7 days. Each icon commission comes with 100x100 crops as well the full size artwork.

Please drop me an email (, and remember to include:
• How many icons you're looking for, and if you want them colored or black and white.
• Visual references of the character. If you only have written reference, I may charge $5-10 more for design and edits, to make sure I'm drawing it the way you want it.
• A brief description of personality.
• Expressions you want (if any; leaving them for me to pick is also acceptable).
• The email at which you'd like to receive your invoice! I do ask for payment up front, and will send your invoice shortly before I'm ready to get started on your order.

And thank you very much for your interest!

Regular commissions are thisaway!