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 ⇣ busts ⇣

sketch, $20
(plus $15 for each extra character)

ink, $30
(plus $20 each)

color, $35
(plus $25 each)

traditional, $45
(plus $30 each)

   ⇣ full-body ⇣

sketch, $30
(plus $20 each)
+$15 for detailed background

ink, $40
(plus $30 each)
+$20 for detailed background

color, $50
(plus $35 each)
+$20 for detailed background

traditional, $60
(plus $40 each)
+$35 for detailed background

   ⇣ comic pages ⇣
These prices vary a lot, depending on if you want it penciled, inked, or colored.
It also depends on how many panels and how many characters, so email me ( and we'll talk!

pencil, shaded or unshaded


flat color

full color

   ⇣ icons ⇣

See this page for icon commissions!

   ⇣ how to commission? ⇣

I will draw OCs, fandom characters, non-human characters, monsters, nsfw art, and furries.
If you're interested, please drop me an email (, with the following:

•What level of commission you would like, along with whatever pose/scenario you had in mind (if any).
•Visual references of the character(s). A written description will do, if there aren't any visuals.
•A brief description of personality.
•Payment! I do ask for the money up front, and can only add you to the list once I've received payment.

I will give you a time estimate for when I expect to finish your commission.
If at any time you feel it's taking too long, I will send whatever level of work I've completed and refund you the rest of your money.

NOTE: For complex character designs, I reserve the right to charge a little more!
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[personal profile] circumitus 2012-06-25 11:49 pm (UTC)(link)
Hey! I'm interested in some commission stuff, but I've got a question: Is that price for the icons you actually draw, or just flat color/shade/CG over something? I'm in dire need of some icon fodder for my OC here, and your prices look very reasonable.
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[personal profile] circumitus 2012-06-26 01:28 am (UTC)(link)
Oh, sweet! Yeah, that is totally reasonable to me. Would 10 dolla for 5 icons sound good, for now?

I'm just looking for icon fodder for this character to replace some of the PB stuff that I've got. Fortunately, it's not a terribly complex character design.
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[personal profile] circumitus 2012-06-26 01:50 am (UTC)(link)
OH, durr durr! I was thinking the actual art, which I see is about $4-6, which is fine!
Yeah, I don't have like, manga stuff or anything like that.

Sorry about that! I'm all herp derp about business stuff... It's been a few years since I've hit anybody up for commissions.
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[personal profile] circumitus 2012-06-26 02:34 am (UTC)(link)
Awesomesauce. I'll go tackle that email with the info right now! Before I forget and stuff.
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[personal profile] god_damned 2013-06-17 02:33 am (UTC)(link)

I was curious: my paypal is actually out of date and basically wanting my blood for proof of my identity so RATHER THAN THAT would you be cool with DW paid time? If not, no sweat. I understand.
god_damned: indoragamano @ dw ("Because it is bitter)

[personal profile] god_damned 2013-06-17 06:35 pm (UTC)(link)
Totally understandable! I was actually thinking of asking you for something that would be exactly $30 (two character in full body flat color) then would that work out? I do have someone who offered to cover me, if need be, and if you'd prefer it!
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[personal profile] god_damned 2013-06-17 07:01 pm (UTC)(link)
That's completely cool! I saw your lists and expected the wait. I'll shoot you out an email later in the day/perhaps tomorrow. I have a few errands to run. Much obliged!
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[personal profile] calluna 2013-08-17 08:27 pm (UTC)(link)

Do you still have the BrBa stickers? o:
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[personal profile] calluna 2013-08-17 08:59 pm (UTC)(link)
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[personal profile] prof 2014-07-24 02:06 pm (UTC)(link)
HI LIZ you did some dragon icons for me once and now I have a big commission for you

Flat Color, 8 characters (by my math that comes up to $135?) - basically the whole party for a Gundam-themed scifi tabletop campaign. Initial descriptions over here.

Willing to field any and all questions.
prof: (Default)

[personal profile] prof 2014-07-24 06:48 pm (UTC)(link)
I see! That might be out of my price range.

How about we drop that down to Ink. That's $130, right? I can manage that much.
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[personal profile] prof 2014-07-24 07:01 pm (UTC)(link)
Hmm... I will confer with my players and get back to you.
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[personal profile] prof 2014-07-24 08:54 pm (UTC)(link)
Group decision is single ink, not multi-bust.