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there was a writing workshop today about characters )

Man I really have not updated lately have I. :T I've checked my flist even less often. I am a big whore.

Has anyone here gotten a plurk since I last checked? That seems to be where most of my social interactions go...
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I tried crab today! So much fucking effort for something that's only pretty good, but it was fun to watch Alicia work so intensely at something. Got sunburned! Did, in fact, burn a peace sign into my chest. God I am a sexy motherfucker. Bought a body board and accidentally stole a bracelet! But I like it, so I don't feel guilty. Went swimming! Was the only one in the water on the entire beach, because these fuckers aren't from Oregon, where the life expectancy in the water is generally 17 minutes. Brandy said she'd make me cake for my birthday!! Which falls on Monday, so no YEAH ALRIGHT I CAN FINALLY DRINK party for me.

OH YEAH AND I BOUGHT SOME FUCKING PANTS YES. I was down to one functional pair, and even those were getting a little ratty. God. I never realized how much I appreciate pants before.

and suddenly, out of left field, an archeopteryx took off jesus's head. which is to say, an art post! )
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:| i did promise. LOOK AT THAT SULTRY POUT. he was so in character. (and he said about two words through this entire awkward process)

And now, the spoils of 24 Hour Comic Day! And some other things as well.

you know you want it baby geneco's got it )
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I think I'm more productive without a computer. It's just a vague suspicion though, further research may be required.

if i get my data back, i'll be able to post some young justice fags i actually managed to spew out. ;_;

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TODAY I WOKE UP FOUR HOURS BEFORE MY ALARM WENT OFF. And my alarm is set for 8:15. I am good.

The Jerks are coming along nicely. As I probably should have expected, I have a lot more DC than anything else so far.

edit: HAHAHA DEATH IS HUGE too lazy to resize her. they're all the same size when i print them. :(

I've made a few stickers and a decal or two, so Jan and Young Justice are chillaxin on my computer, while Superboy solo hangs out on my windshield. Good deal.

some art! )
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One, mom seems to be kind of glad she got laid off. The severance package is just that good (she doesn't have to work for a year with the money they gave her).


oops channeled jan for a second )

lugubrious is a really great word. i should use it more often.
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when the internet is down at home you just upload all your porn in philsophy class. everyone does. )
...yeah okay I didn't have much this time. :( god it's like i was busy writing a novel all month or something.
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That said, here's an art post! It's accumulated. That means fat.

3 Eyeshield, 1 Hellsing, 1 HunterxHunter, 1 Gargoyles, 6 Split Poison, 1 somethingelseentirely )

I tried to do a bit of only fanart drawings, just to force myself to be able to do it, SO HERE ARE THE FRUITS OF MY LABOR. (halfway into week #2 i broke down and drew original art all over the place. it made my soul feel clean.)

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