Jun. 18th, 2011 10:10 pm
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So, I went to Amsterdam with mom! And Scoop and her daughter Caitlin. It took us about 20 hours to get here, including a train ride and some tram-hopping. Only 8 of those hours were actually spent in the air, the rest was unfortunately timed tickets. We're staying for 7 days (the first day was spent in a haze of jet lag), and I feel like writing so I will record all things of interest! Most things of interest. Some things of interest until I get bored of recording, how's that.

Amsterdam! Day one. )
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Here I sit feverish and generally out of it, but happy with Zelda in the background and heavy Mexican accepts on the Harvest Moon NPCs. And Anna has just entered Midnight Crazy Time. I had to skip work today due to sick, and took the time to go get fro-yo (is that what the cool people call it?) with Caitlin instead. Possibly not the best idea to go strolling around Savannah when I'm feeling this shitty, but it was fun anyway.

AWA with Lilly and all those jerks was awesome. I met one of Those People that you usually only see online and then wonder how they function in society. This one was a crazy Lion King nerd, who spent about 15 minutes just spinning off facts about the epic Lion King fanfiction she was apparently writing in her head? She never referenced it as fiction though, she was just telling us all these things like they were absolute fact. (Mufasa's second wife was a spotted lioness, and they had three beautiful daughters.) It was not required that we respond, or even look at her. She just kept going. I also rather enjoyed the ride there and back, even though it was just Lilly and me in the car. And cookies/brownies. That part was cool. We talked about the nerdiest of nerdy shit forever.

Sequential Art building Lab Monitor doesn't have any positions open for Work Study like I wanted, but I had a few backup options. Have to talk to them, like, yesterday. At least I've got one job in the meantime, which really isn't so bad. Especially now that I've changed the hours so I actually have time to do homework. My first week of school came with about 2 minutes of spare time total, but it should be better now.

I love my classes so far, but it's hard to get into Art History online. I'm not entirely sure what's expected of me, and it might have been wise to take the first Art History in class, so at least I get the hang of a history class. But, as Caitlin pointed out, it's online. I have Google. Who needs a textbook? I don't know why I didn't think of that, I failed today as an internet nerd. BUT THE OTHER CLASSES. I like those. My teachers are awesome, as I'm beginning to suspect all of the SEQA professors are. The second class in Materials & Techniques, the professor had a fight in front of the class between his three French curves, ending in his Indiana Jones action figure finding the Lost French Curve of (insert exotic place here) and making off with it.

So glad I'm in classes this term. Need to find a new cosigner for next year. Maybe mom will have a job by then, maybe April would be willing.

Also I want to play Mei from Avatar at Paradisa like burning. Also Spider Jerusalem, either at Paradisa or CnC. And Nolan!verse Bruce Wayne anywhere where they have a substantial Batcast and I don't play Carrie (which narrows it down a little, doesn't it?). Any suggestions on that latter, anyone who's made it this far in the entry and knows that sort of thing? 8(

Okay. Heading back into to my fevered existence.
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- )

The first assignment in Intro to Sequential is a one page comic about how you spent your 4th of July. My 4th of July holiday was cool, but the actual night of was... a little awkward and out of my comfort zone. I thumbnailed it tonight and jeez I'm making myself look like a pathetic loner. BUT WHATEV, MAYBE IT WILL BE SLIGHTLY MEANINGFUL? I like to think it will be. Also I like my Liz-character-design dealie.

Also also, there was a collaborative roommate effort, and I got my next haircut! It'd been far too long since I changed it, and I was missing my mohawk, so I went with a chelsea hawk.

And from the side! Next step is dying it. >)

Um what else... I went to a party and flirted all night with one guy before kissing him goodbye as we left, and the next night got a guy from work to make me dinner. I think I'll just start hitting on everyone. Always. It gets good results. (And speaking of that party, it was the first time I got properly drunk. I spent the entire time pretending like I wasn't, and concentrating on walking smoothly and carefully, and not tripping down stairs, and it went rather well. But I did end up talking way too much. I remember when we got home I was standing in the doorway to the bathroom, waiting to feel sick enough to go throw up, and having a conversation in the meanwhile about grammar and stuff. And then at one point I went, "Ooops, disappearing!", went to barf, and returned to continue talking.)

And now it looks like those fuckers I live with are pouring wine, so I guess I'll see if I still think it sucks or not and then go to bed. IT'S GOOD TO HAVE PLANS.

edit: yeah still sucks. BEDTIME.
I am officially a victim of credit card theft! How exciting! \o/ I'm not really sure how it happened, but I think possibly I ended up with an unsecured connection, and it grabbed my card information...? That's all I can come up with, I certainly haven't lost my card. idk, but now I'm $27 in the negative from all these weird charges to strange sites. Not that I had that much to steal in the first place, WAY TO PICK A POOR COLLEGE STUDENT TO STEAL FROM. Bank froze my account, I doubt I'll have to pay for any of it, so really it's just an amusing story.

Also, poor Sbarro got caught up in the account freezing and I suppose I got a free meal off of them. TAKE THAT, DELICIOUS SHITTY ITALIAN FOOD.

-Back from Michigan! Thoroughly enjoyed it, and ONE DAY I'm going to meet Sophia there.
-Committed some very embarrassing munfail at CnC. /US history fail
-Still jobless, but throwing my resume at fucking EVERYTHING ON CRAIGSLIST.
-Otakon soon! Will hopefully earn rent money there?
-money, don't talk to me about money
-Enjoying oldCarrie far too much and am tempted to just permacanonupdate her. Eventually.
-COWBOY BEBOP, HELLO NOSTALGIA. That show will never be outdated, it's golden forever. I'm inspired to make a print for it, but how can fanart ever compare to the original awesome of it?
-We seem almost incapable of having all 5 roommates around at the same time. Every time we get close, some fucker has to take off for home or a con.
-Too lazy to do an art post, so I'll just put up, uh... this one:

-The end.
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I am going to watch the Supernatural Anime. I am going to watch the shit out of it. Quick, someone on my flist start caring about it too so they can tell me when new episodes come out.

Mom and Ruth are here, we're doing Savannah. It's exhausting, WHO KNEW SAVANNAH WOULD BE SO HOT WHEN YOU ACTUALLY GO OUTSIDE?? Went to the beach last night, but it was like the lamest part of the Georgia coast ugh. No waves whatsoever, and something attached itself to my leg and starting biting at some point. Not sure what it was, but maybe something mistook my giant pale ass for a whale.

Also reading Midnight in the Garden of Good and Evil which, as far as I can tell, is a collection of experiences in Savannah/interviews with residents. It's really interesting and funny, and I'm learning a lot of the history. ooohhhh, southern states, you are dripping and soggy with American history. Also also reading Flowers for Algernon. Made me tear up once already, dammit.

Mom bought us knives, silverware, dishes, pots and pans!

Want to watch more Boondocks.

Everything in Savannah made of poo.

I miss Alicia and have realized that her graduating made me feel like I lost Ed twice.
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Found a giant fuck-off spider tonight! Like seriously. Nothing that big in Oregon, ever. It was awesome. Of course, Kamille had already chewed off about three of its legs, so it was significantly slower and less threatening than it could have been... Also, this was after she finished destroying the AV connection for our cable box, so she had a busy night.

I think we're going to cancel our cable. 8| We haven't used it since we got it, and now we can't. SOUND OKAY ANNA??

-nerding the crap out over [ profile] paradisa, mostly with Carrie.
-bringing her to [ profile] capeandcowl JUST TO SEE IF I CAN. maybe to [ profile] theposthumans if CnC doesn't pan out... oh god do they seriously have a real, honest-to-butt comics Batman? DO THEY SERIOUSLY?
-ALMOST DONE WITH THIS ROUND OF COMMISSIONS. I will need more soon. I feel as if I have tapped out my friend pool (you guys rock) and am not entirely sure where to look next.
-House? Is awesome. Occasional huge cockroach/giant spider included. This might just bump out the summer of finally being 18 in awesomeness.
-need a job DON'T WANT ONE DON'T WANT ONE but commissions aren't going to last me forever.
-this has become my new favorite picture ever:

is it not the very picture of 8<

okay yeah the end iiii should do something productive today
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Dear Self,

You are a poor college student, stop trying to pretend otherwise. You do not need a scooter, you do not need a box spring mattress. Haven't you heard? A futon on the floor is all the rage. You had one all through elementary and middle school! Remember that, back in your weird mystic hippie phase? Actually, don't remember that. Just know that it's not so bad. Also, you really enjoy Top Ramen, so that's a good start.

And on that note, stop wishing that someone would rush in to rescue from Vector, informing you at the last second that actually it's a company run by serial killers. Just find another job if you're dreading it that much already. Stop trying to pretend you're the right personality to sell things, stop trying to pretend like you can get to people's houses all over Savannah on a bicycle.

And on that note, find a real goddamn job already.

You have summer with awesome roommates and an awesome house to look forward to. If you manage to pass math, this is gonna be sweet. It's gonna be sweet even if you don't manage to pass math. Just a little more embarrassing, maybe. (Seriously, that last test score. I'd yell at you for that, Self, but I don't know what the fuck happened either.)

With tough love,

PS: Let's never go back to that weird mystic hippie phase.
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THE FIRST POKEMON I EVER CAUGHT WAS A BIDOOF. *___* I named it Ball Juice. I'm also kind of fond of Katar Hol the Starly, Poison Ivy the Budew, and The Thing the Geodude. god i'm nerdy.

I can see why that game is addicting.

  • pick classes!
  • wait for rateyourprofessor to come back to do so!
  • rehearse speech some more!
  • math, hands&feet, reading!
  • sketchbook work!
  • ginny's commission!
  • possibly some work of my own again??
  • shit, steph just reminded me about mother's day coming up
  • read more fucking damian comics shitgoddamn

share the same middle name.

yeah. two elizabeth jeans, never met before, sharing a room. if i believed in a greater power, i'd say it had a sense of humor.
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OMG AHHH I AM GOING TO CLEAN THIS DORM ROOM REALLY REALLY SOON. REALLY SOON. ANY DAY NOW. I AM SO EXCITED. Elizabeth's sister has been scheduled to visit this weekend for a while, and I was like getting really excited BECAUSE SHE WAS SUPPOSED TO BRING A BROOM WITH HER. :DDD and a chair, but fuck that, guests can sit on the floor, that's fine with me. Dude I have even had a DREAM about getting this broom.

The bathroom counter is dusty and nasty and Elizabeth has this weird habit of spraying concealer all over and there are toothpaste spatters on the mirror (not mine :|) and the floor NEEDS TO MARRY A BROOM GOD IT'S SO GROSS and I'm going to scrub the shit out of the sink and bathtub. SOON. This Great Cleansing will begin as soon as I get that broom. +_+

It's official. I'm the crazy neatfreak roommate. :\ Staying in other people's messy houses has always bothered me, and now the first time I've got something to sort of call my own, IT WILL BE FUCKING SPOTLESS. /FROTH I am like actually embarrassed by the state of the room that Elizabeth's sister has come to visit and see... even though I'm pretty sure neither she nor Elizabeth notice at all.

ALSO, I AM A PRETTY CHILL PERSON, RIGHT? Well, maybe you wouldn't think so after reading all this, BUT IN GENERAL. But I have found two things that piss me off. People asking other people to censor what they say in THEIR OWN JOURNAL, and artists that are paid and never deliver commissions. foiekfnsfs. These things, they make me bitch. I am not a bitching person. Maybe I should take up Voodoo.

edit: damn, i just wrote (almost) an entry entry about cleaning things.
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fjsdls i love pluto and everything

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Also. Today was full of >( and it's weird when that happens, since I am generally so :D.

Me, earlier in class: So, I can't actually afford the book... is there any way I could make up the assignments without it?
Art teacher #2: No. You have to borrow it from someone and photocopy it.
Me: fair enough ._.
Art teacher #2, later in class, to the class: "I don't have enough money to finish my art project..." I don't have a lot of sympathy for that, because I feel like you're paying a lot for tuition."
Me, for the rest of the class: fffffff

And then after the class I was still. Like. Kind of pissed. I debated long and hard over whether or not I should confront her about it, because I don't want to just be hating her for the rest of the term. But then I realized that she's the woman that will be having a hand in my thus-far-fair GPA. Nonetheless, I had to say something, so...

"I just wanted to apologize for not having the funds necessary to buy the packet, I know that must be annoying for you."
"Oh, that's okay. I know how that is."

it's not enough that this class is incredibly boring, right? no, of course not, that's silly.


On the other hand, I really like the phrase I heard today in Catch-22, tongueless wraiths with cigarettes. A book so funny shouldn't be so unexpectedly cool. >(
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I've been trading emails with an artist that works for Marvel, on Spiderman comics specifically. I was caught drawing one day by a customer at Office Depot, who told me about a friend of his that teaches classes and draws comics himself, and so I tried emailing him. He seemed mostly interested in signing me up for the classes he teaches the first time, so I sort of let it die out.

Just recently I changed my major to Graphic Design from English, because I think I'm finally ready to really try. But it's terrifying, and I have no real idea of which direction to go, so I tried emailing him again to ask him about how he got to where he is today. (Which is always a bit of an ego stroke, so I think that was probably responsible for the response.) He gave me his entire life story -- which was surprisingly full of coincidence and chances leapt at. He even went to school with a Lit Major. In another email a day or so later he told me about the best ways to introduce myself to the sort of people that run comics, the best ways to be taken seriously, and offered to guide me to the right track and give me insider advice.

I just... this makes me feel like there's actually a chance for me. Like maybe this isn't just some pipedream that I can tell to people when they catch me drawing and would be disappointed with a 'oh, i just want to teach high school' answer.

If I could make a career out of something that I do in my spare time, I sort of feel as though I'd have done something right. I'd be pretty fucking happy, at least that much is true.


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