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There's no music, but she howls in laughter now and then, and there are handprints on the ceiling. "I don't like to mix drinking and eating, that's just a bad idea."

His tattoos are a map of his rebellion, and she's probably old enough to remember when pizza was an Italian thing. But damned if she can't read the shit out of a newspaper.

A row of lights between the two wall-mirrors is probably more impressive than it should be. Glowing bulbs stretch out into something as close to infinity as I know, until they eventually curve to the left and out of sight. I guess nothing is ever entirely symmetrical.

He walks like a small, Asian bulldog, as he heads up to show off his ID. Very charming, cozy little bulldog sweater he's wearing. A clink and a splash marks disaster, but fortunately it spilled behind her Mac, and in the same instant a cellphone turns into the loudest thing around. That is definitely not the smell of soda. Whatever she's not drinking anymore, it was potent.

People who eat alone seem to do so defiantly. Yes, I meant to come here and dip my slice in ranch dressing all by myself; my friends begged to come along, but I said no. But she still watches her phone on the table next to her like a hawk. It could be that I only notice this because it's a mirror image of my usual habits.

"How was your slice?" Is he in my class or a friendly stranger? My incredibly unobservant self may never know.

"Here you go." "Aww, thank you very much." At least she won't go unboozed for long.

She clicks her table marker hesitantly, like she's afraid someone will tell her not to sit there. But she's waved at him as he returns from interrogation of another classmate (the same opening line as with me), so I guess he's in my class after all. Pizza tips are exchanged. He recommends Bianca, but by now it's too late. Her fate is cast in with the lot of pepperoni.

25 minutes in, I realize that I enjoyed my slice too much and too fast to properly document it. Well, damn. So much for this, I guess I'll leave the bulldog and his yorkshire terrier to their music.

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