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there was a writing workshop today about characters )

Man I really have not updated lately have I. :T I've checked my flist even less often. I am a big whore.

Has anyone here gotten a plurk since I last checked? That seems to be where most of my social interactions go...
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There's a lot of things I could be doing right now. Instead I'm going to barf creative gross into a journal entry. Feel free to skip.


So that's cool.

And in other news, my computer is busted! Poor old Eddie, I knew thee well. ;_; He's out having his hard drive replaced (ONLY A YEAR OLD?? CRUEL, CRUEL WORLD.) and hopefully his data can be saved. Hopefully. We'll see, I guess. I keep thinking of more and more things that I'll have lost, and I'm... pretty okay with most of them. It is just data, after all. Nerdily enough, I'm most disappointed over losing an in-progress application and loads of icons. :|a
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SIGH WHY WOULD YOU DO THIS TO ME MARIE okay here's an incredibly nerdy RP meme. INCREDIBLY NERDY YOU'VE BEEN WARNED (like the other stuff i post here isn't incredibly nerdy too?)

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Grades came in! I had no idea what to expect in Philosophy, my only clue was that I'd gotten like a C+ on the only paper we'd done. German wasn't looking too good either, as mostly it'd been Ds/Cs on the tests. BUT AS IT TURNED OUT --
English - A-
German - B
Philosophy - A


and next up THE SNOW. What the crap Portland. Are you trying to prove global warming theories wrong? This is like insane. Which is not to say I'm not loving it! I had to dig my car out of the driveway and park it at the top along the street, and even after all the digging it took 10-15 minutes of desperate engine revving and hard braking to get out of the driveway.
And then at work last night, when they let me go an hour early because WHO NEEDS OFFICE SUPPLIES WHEN IT'S SNOW STORMING, at one point there were four of us just lined up at the window, watching the flurries in nothing short of amazement. And also wondering if we should offer the guy outside with engine troubles some pens, or something. INDUSTRIOUS OFFICE DEPOT WORKERS INDEED.

Also! What the crap I'm having so ridiculously much fun writing Jan. WITH SUPERMAN. And that REDHEAD UNF. AND AGON, BECAUSE BASTARDPARTY! And the hat of his that I got could not have come at a better time -- both for the Janlove and the sheer... need for a hat.

Also also! Mani's here in five days! And holy crap I really need to finish Christmas presents for everyone. (read: start on them. sob.)

The only thing I need to do more of is drawing and finishing the Nanobeast. There has been very little of either of those going on. =_= although I am accumulating things for an eventual fat post of art.

RIGHT SO. SNOW ON. And since my car is a frozen block of ice that nothing short of a DIAMOND ICE SCRAPER could free from its confines, the next ten minutes will tell me if dad can make it over the snow to take me to work!

and i want to app either jan or god help me xanatos (or possibly zaphod) at TST. sob.

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