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There's no music, but she howls in laughter now and then, and there are handprints on the ceiling. "I don't like to mix drinking and eating, that's just a bad idea."

His tattoos are a map of his rebellion, and she's probably old enough to remember when pizza was an Italian thing. But damned if she can't read the shit out of a newspaper.

A row of lights between the two wall-mirrors is probably more impressive than it should be. Glowing bulbs stretch out into something as close to infinity as I know, until they eventually curve to the left and out of sight. I guess nothing is ever entirely symmetrical.

He walks like a small, Asian bulldog, as he heads up to show off his ID. Very charming, cozy little bulldog sweater he's wearing. A clink and a splash marks disaster, but fortunately it spilled behind her Mac, and in the same instant a cellphone turns into the loudest thing around. That is definitely not the smell of soda. Whatever she's not drinking anymore, it was potent.

People who eat alone seem to do so defiantly. Yes, I meant to come here and dip my slice in ranch dressing all by myself; my friends begged to come along, but I said no. But she still watches her phone on the table next to her like a hawk. It could be that I only notice this because it's a mirror image of my usual habits.

"How was your slice?" Is he in my class or a friendly stranger? My incredibly unobservant self may never know.

"Here you go." "Aww, thank you very much." At least she won't go unboozed for long.

She clicks her table marker hesitantly, like she's afraid someone will tell her not to sit there. But she's waved at him as he returns from interrogation of another classmate (the same opening line as with me), so I guess he's in my class after all. Pizza tips are exchanged. He recommends Bianca, but by now it's too late. Her fate is cast in with the lot of pepperoni.

25 minutes in, I realize that I enjoyed my slice too much and too fast to properly document it. Well, damn. So much for this, I guess I'll leave the bulldog and his yorkshire terrier to their music.
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there was a writing workshop today about characters )

Man I really have not updated lately have I. :T I've checked my flist even less often. I am a big whore.

Has anyone here gotten a plurk since I last checked? That seems to be where most of my social interactions go...
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There's a lot of things I could be doing right now. Instead I'm going to barf creative gross into a journal entry. Feel free to skip.


So that's cool.

And in other news, my computer is busted! Poor old Eddie, I knew thee well. ;_; He's out having his hard drive replaced (ONLY A YEAR OLD?? CRUEL, CRUEL WORLD.) and hopefully his data can be saved. Hopefully. We'll see, I guess. I keep thinking of more and more things that I'll have lost, and I'm... pretty okay with most of them. It is just data, after all. Nerdily enough, I'm most disappointed over losing an in-progress application and loads of icons. :|a
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After a solid three-day weekend of homework, today is good! I have no homework, the weather is ridiculously gorgeous, and my bike is in fine working order (after two flats and a broken chain over two months). WHAT BETTER TIME TO SIT INDOORS ALL DAY AND GLUE MYSELF TO THE INTERNET??

I have... art to post. I think I'll do that here, since I don't feel like using my journal like a journal.

be enticed by this grumpy bitch, come see more )
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o-oh god... this is probably the last post I'll make with a paid account... ;_; I'M GONNA MISS ALL THOSE ICONS. Have to make this icon count. (who better than Plastic Man for that?)

FOUR MORE OTAKON COMMISSIONS TO GO! \o/ And then I can finally finish Elei and Robyn's icons and AJ's sketches, sob. I will never be that one artist you commissioned that never got back to you, though. :| I know how that feels, and it's fucking shitty.

There were a couple I did at the con that I wished I could have scanned before I gave away -- a watercolored Batwoman, a running-for-their-lives Jack and 10th Doctor. They were pretty cute. :< BUT WHAT YOU'VE DRAWN ONCE, YOU CAN ALWAYS RECREATE.

Favorites of what I've done since Otakon! )
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Have a job at Ex Libris! Will possibly only hold out there until I can get a job through work-study, but will appreciate any money I earn there. Will probably also only start after Otakon, because as of now I have 6 days to finish prints and get ready! /endRorschachmode


you know you missed me )

Almost done getting rid of fleas! We were forced out onto the deck today, waiting for the flea bomb to clear out, and MY PALE FLESHY MEATLEGS. BITTEN TWICE IN AS MANY SECONDS. FUCKING MOSQUITOES. I went back inside to take my chances with the poisonous gasses.
Also it should be noted that at one point, while I was trying to stalk down one of the mosquitoes buzzing by my legs, I noticed a second one, and screamed OH MY GOD NOW THERE'S TWO OF THEM just as a black couple was walking by. Oops?
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i'm filling these with more and more fanart aren't i D: NOW IF ONLY I COULD FINALIZE IT, MAYBE PEOPLE WOULD BUY SHIT. *_*

Also. Starting a new comicish thing? One I've been thinking about, like, forever, called How to Catch a Thief. which... sounds kinda like how to train your... NO FUCK YOU PIXAR IT WAS MINE YEARS AGO SOB
...IT'S ABOUT DUDES AT COLLEGE HURRAY. mindfucking each other. hurray!

also i'm boycotting panels with it )
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ANOTHER ART POST? SO SOON? Well, I draw a whole lot of crap. And the plumbing's been giving us troubles, so it has to go somewhere.

the ring master's telecaster sings on an empty stage, goddamn right it's a beautiful day )

We got the house!! Just sending the lease agreement around to all the dudes that aren't here in Savannah. It's ours on the 15th of Maaayyyyy oh shit. *_* So come the 28th, not only is it the last day of class, but I get to pretend to be an adult and live in a house AND have Kathleen for a long weekend!! Shit is so cash.
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Here's stuff I've done in classes at SCAD so far! This term I'm just like... drawing lots and lots of bodies and faces and stick figures, and it's not exactly any sort of impressive, so I'll throw up what I've done earlier this year and call it good.

...awww, I miss Longchamp.


Oh yeah and by the way, the humans won the zombie/human war!! But there were only, like, five left, out of about 500 people that played.
I guess it's up to them to repopulate. :\
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I tried crab today! So much fucking effort for something that's only pretty good, but it was fun to watch Alicia work so intensely at something. Got sunburned! Did, in fact, burn a peace sign into my chest. God I am a sexy motherfucker. Bought a body board and accidentally stole a bracelet! But I like it, so I don't feel guilty. Went swimming! Was the only one in the water on the entire beach, because these fuckers aren't from Oregon, where the life expectancy in the water is generally 17 minutes. Brandy said she'd make me cake for my birthday!! Which falls on Monday, so no YEAH ALRIGHT I CAN FINALLY DRINK party for me.

OH YEAH AND I BOUGHT SOME FUCKING PANTS YES. I was down to one functional pair, and even those were getting a little ratty. God. I never realized how much I appreciate pants before.

and suddenly, out of left field, an archeopteryx took off jesus's head. which is to say, an art post! )
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also my phone keeps dying and needing to be reset. if you call/text me and i answer without having any idea who you are, it's not because i've forgotten you, i swear. probably.

i have seen the others, and i have discovered that this fight is not worth fighting )
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Also, thanks to everyone that's taken time to put some thought toward my last entry! <3 I really really appreciate it.

and now onto the artfaggery )
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:| i did promise. LOOK AT THAT SULTRY POUT. he was so in character. (and he said about two words through this entire awkward process)

And now, the spoils of 24 Hour Comic Day! And some other things as well.

you know you want it baby geneco's got it )
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I think I'm more productive without a computer. It's just a vague suspicion though, further research may be required.

if i get my data back, i'll be able to post some young justice fags i actually managed to spew out. ;_;

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I had one more little SCAD-scare, in that the bank was going to disburse the first part of my loan money on the 19th but I was told tuition is due on the 1st, BUT I THINK THAT'S BEEN WORKED OUT. And I still have to get housing, these bitches are getting hard to get into contact with. >(

BUT. I got my schedule! School four days a week, starting at 2 PM on T/TR, and with a 4 hour break M/W. Design, Drawing, and Communication. That seems like such a light load BUT I WILL NOT COMPLAIN. I'll probably be grateful for it.

Here, have some more jerks so it's not a completely useless post.

Working on Kenshin now, because my coworkers like gay things.
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TODAY I WOKE UP FOUR HOURS BEFORE MY ALARM WENT OFF. And my alarm is set for 8:15. I am good.

The Jerks are coming along nicely. As I probably should have expected, I have a lot more DC than anything else so far.

edit: HAHAHA DEATH IS HUGE too lazy to resize her. they're all the same size when i print them. :(

I've made a few stickers and a decal or two, so Jan and Young Justice are chillaxin on my computer, while Superboy solo hangs out on my windshield. Good deal.

some art! )
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okay ten minutes later. not that you would know.

ANYWAY HI TO THE PEOPLE I JUST FRIENDED FROM [ profile] theoregontrail :DDDD I have... nothing interesting to say because I just got home from work and just started my period OOOHHH THAT'S A TWO-FER. So instead, I think I'll do an art post. or just a bunch of sketches i've done at work. whatever, same thing.


So, with tinypic as my lord and savior, here's the random stuff I've done at work lately. Have this beautiful image to entice you into clicking the cut.

not sure why it's always THEM i draw on the sharpie display... )
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OH GOD I FINALLY FINALLY FINISHED MY ART BLOG FOR MY DIGITAL ART CLASS. That was a lot of tutorials to read. 50 is, indeed, a large number. Having to do 10 of them was intimidating when I was scouring dA, because all people have there for tutorials are "SPEND 5 HOURS COLORING LIKE I DO :DDD" and if you have to do 10 of those? You might die.

But then I realized my classmates were all, by comparison, underachievers, and things got easier when I started ganking their tutorials.

I learned how to make custom brushes! It was a lot easier than I thought.

and the rest cut because i love you all )

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