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2022-08-15 11:50 am

Icon Commissions: OPEN

Regular commissions are thisaway!

HEY WANT SOME ICONS FOR YOUR OBSCURE CHARACTER/OC/CHARACTER THAT IS ALL OVER BUT YOU WANT MORE ICONS ANYWAY?? I can help with that! My icon posting blog is right here, but I've got a few samples below, as well. 

Color Icons:

Black and White Icons:

Aannnddd here's some nonhuman examples too:


$15 = 1 b&w icon
$25 = 3 b&w icons
$130 = full set of 15 b&w
$20 = 1 colored icon
$35 = 3 colored icons
$170 = full set of 15 colored

For orders over 3 icons and under 15 icons, they will be priced at $12 per for color, and $9 per for b&w
*Note: I may charge slightly more if you have a complex design.

I accept payment through Paypal. I will provide an estimation of how long your order will take at the time you place it, but typically it will be finished in under 7 days. Each icon commission comes with 100x100 crops as well the full size artwork.

Please drop me an email (, and remember to include:
• How many icons you're looking for, and if you want them colored or black and white.
• Visual references of the character. If you only have written reference, I may charge $5-10 more for design and edits, to make sure I'm drawing it the way you want it.
• A brief description of personality.
• Expressions you want (if any; leaving them for me to pick is also acceptable).
• The email at which you'd like to receive your invoice! I do ask for payment up front, and will send your invoice shortly before I'm ready to get started on your order.

And thank you very much for your interest!

Regular commissions are thisaway!
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2015-05-17 04:15 pm
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Liz Mod Inbox

Hello! This is a venue for any questions, concerns, and/or comments about [community profile] maskormenace or for me directly. If you need to speak to me in private, feel free to message me here, or send this account a PM.

Anonymous is ON, IP logging OFF, and all comments are SCREENED.
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2014-10-11 02:36 pm

(no subject)

let's have some more hairs

Read more... )
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2014-09-03 08:51 pm

plurk codes


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2013-05-25 06:19 pm

(no subject)

this isn't even a journal anymore
it's just a record of hairs
hairs!!!!!!!! )
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2012-04-25 01:58 am

(no subject)

HEY GUYS, GUESS WHO'S A DUMBASS. THAT WOULD BE ME. My hobbies include parking my car in places I shouldn't, getting it towed, and then forking over $384 to get it back! So this is officially an emergency commission drive!

If I get a lot of takers (WERE I SO LUCKY), then between work and classes, my progress will be a little slow. But I solemnly swear it won't be slower than two-months slow, and I will keep you updated via email. If it looks like something's going to delay me longer than that, I'll alert you, and you'll have the option to keep waiting, or ask for a full refund.

But! If all goes accordingly to plan, then:
STEP ONE: Email me your fondest hearts desires, to!
-Include character(s), plus reference/description if OC! I can look up fandom characters.
-Tell me what you want them doing/how you want them drawn! You can be as vague or specific as you like.
-Tell me whether you want sketch, inked, flat colors, or full CG
-aaand whether it's bust/full body/full body + background

STEP TWO: I'll confirm the price, and you can paypal me the full amount to the same address, Once I receive payment, work begins.

STEP THREE: If the piece involves a background or more than one character, I'll email you the sketch to make sure you like it. Otherwise, I'll just send the finished work!


But Liz, you say, what on Earth are you charging for this? WELL...


Sketch: $5 (+ $3 per each additional character past the first)
Ink: $10 (+ $5 per)
Flat Color: $15 (+ $8 per)
CG: $20 (+ $10 per)
Examples: Sketch | Ink | Flat Color | CG

Full body
Sketch: $10 (+ $5 per)
Ink: $15 (+ $8 per)
Flat Color: $20 (+ $10 per)
CG: $30 (+ $13 per)
Examples: Sketch | Ink | Flat Color | CG

Full body + Background
Sketch: $20 (+ $7 per)
Ink: $25 (+ $10 per)
Flat Color: $35 (+ $13 per)
CG: $45 (+ $15 per)
(Color pictures without backgrounds will have a vague atmospheric thing going on, but this is for specific/detailed backgrounds.)
Examples: Sketch | Ink | Flat Color | CG

Comic pages: This is negotiable, depending on if you want it sketched, inked, toned, or colored. It also depends on how many panels and how many characters, so comment here or email me or something and we'll talk!
Examples: Sketch | Line Art | Render | Screen Tone | Full Color

Icons: These are negotiable too, depending on how much of the character you want in it and what sort of background.
Inked/Grayscale: $4
Flat Colors: $6
CG: $8
Examples: Ink/Grayscale | Flat Color | CG

Jerks: These are by a preexisting design that I already have and you want as a sticker, or a commission of one (commissioned ones come with a free sticker version!!)
Sticker alone: ยข50
Commission+sticker: $5
Examples: Commissioned file size | Preexisting list so far
Note: To cover shipping costs, the minimum amount of stickers I can sell is 5 (for $2.50), but I can ship them anywhere around the globe. Also, I have a sale going on of 15 stickers for $5!


Also, HERE is my DeviantART gallery, if you want a better feel for what you'll get out of this!
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2012-01-17 07:24 pm

pizza parlor assignment

There's no music, but she howls in laughter now and then, and there are handprints on the ceiling. "I don't like to mix drinking and eating, that's just a bad idea."

His tattoos are a map of his rebellion, and she's probably old enough to remember when pizza was an Italian thing. But damned if she can't read the shit out of a newspaper.

A row of lights between the two wall-mirrors is probably more impressive than it should be. Glowing bulbs stretch out into something as close to infinity as I know, until they eventually curve to the left and out of sight. I guess nothing is ever entirely symmetrical.

He walks like a small, Asian bulldog, as he heads up to show off his ID. Very charming, cozy little bulldog sweater he's wearing. A clink and a splash marks disaster, but fortunately it spilled behind her Mac, and in the same instant a cellphone turns into the loudest thing around. That is definitely not the smell of soda. Whatever she's not drinking anymore, it was potent.

People who eat alone seem to do so defiantly. Yes, I meant to come here and dip my slice in ranch dressing all by myself; my friends begged to come along, but I said no. But she still watches her phone on the table next to her like a hawk. It could be that I only notice this because it's a mirror image of my usual habits.

"How was your slice?" Is he in my class or a friendly stranger? My incredibly unobservant self may never know.

"Here you go." "Aww, thank you very much." At least she won't go unboozed for long.

She clicks her table marker hesitantly, like she's afraid someone will tell her not to sit there. But she's waved at him as he returns from interrogation of another classmate (the same opening line as with me), so I guess he's in my class after all. Pizza tips are exchanged. He recommends Bianca, but by now it's too late. Her fate is cast in with the lot of pepperoni.

25 minutes in, I realize that I enjoyed my slice too much and too fast to properly document it. Well, damn. So much for this, I guess I'll leave the bulldog and his yorkshire terrier to their music.
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2011-06-18 10:10 pm


So, I went to Amsterdam with mom! And Scoop and her daughter Caitlin. It took us about 20 hours to get here, including a train ride and some tram-hopping. Only 8 of those hours were actually spent in the air, the rest was unfortunately timed tickets. We're staying for 7 days (the first day was spent in a haze of jet lag), and I feel like writing so I will record all things of interest! Most things of interest. Some things of interest until I get bored of recording, how's that.

Amsterdam! Day one. )
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2011-04-25 01:18 am
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(no subject)

what happened to common decency in bots? )

why am i so easily amused.

PS!!! I seem to have officially given up on checking my flist! This is unfortunate. If it looks like I'm neglecting anyone, I swear it's not because I hate you!

Just kidding it actually is because I hate you.
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2011-04-08 03:49 pm

(no subject)

there was a writing workshop today about characters )

Man I really have not updated lately have I. :T I've checked my flist even less often. I am a big whore.

Has anyone here gotten a plurk since I last checked? That seems to be where most of my social interactions go...
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2011-02-14 12:52 pm

(no subject)


happy delicious candy at half off tomorrow day
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2011-02-01 12:10 pm
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Mod Inbox

Hello!! I'm a co-headmod at Exsilium, in charge of the Housing page, FAQ, Suggestions, and Mod Contact pages, player concerns, running plots, and odds and ends. Feel free to let me know if you have any questions, comments, or concerns, in regards to my [community profile] exsilium modding, playing, or otherwise!

Anon on, IP logging off, comments unscreened except by request.
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2011-01-22 03:18 pm

(no subject)

okay i just wanted to brag for like two seconds

my current assignment in Character Design and Storyboarding for Animation: Adventure Time Storyboards

which will actually be looked at and taken into consideration by Adventure Time people who are apparently looking for new storyboarders


i'm totally not going to get that golden job offering that has a slim chance of coming out of this, because i hate and suck at storyboarding, BUT BY GOD IT'S GOING TO BE AN AWESOME EXPERIENCE.

edit: look i scanned this, it's adorable )
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2011-01-21 12:18 am

(no subject)

quick help

i accidentally replaced my layout, found another one, and hate it

i just want my stupid dumb red spiders back. :( KAT i hope you're happy.

does anyone have any... really wide... easy to read (not white on white and dear god not white on black) layouts they could suggest? 8( or just... good layout comms? i've got abellalayouts, fruitstyle, girdles, kill_brainz, mintyapple, thefulcrum, visualwit, and xaddictionsx already watched. though i guess i really only dug through fruitstyle and mintyapple...

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2011-01-05 11:06 pm

that one time when liz wrote a friggin novel

There's a lot of things I could be doing right now. Instead I'm going to barf creative gross into a journal entry. Feel free to skip.


So that's cool.

And in other news, my computer is busted! Poor old Eddie, I knew thee well. ;_; He's out having his hard drive replaced (ONLY A YEAR OLD?? CRUEL, CRUEL WORLD.) and hopefully his data can be saved. Hopefully. We'll see, I guess. I keep thinking of more and more things that I'll have lost, and I'm... pretty okay with most of them. It is just data, after all. Nerdily enough, I'm most disappointed over losing an in-progress application and loads of icons. :|a
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2010-12-25 02:53 am

(no subject)

Who's festive? Me! Me, I'm festive!
(It also comes with a distinctly awesome red mask that I guess is supposed to look like a reindeer nose. When I put them together with the scarf I become my alter ego, Reindeer Man. Truth.)

in which pad see ew was had )
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2010-11-29 06:02 pm

Voice Post

oh, i forgot to say -- after i hopped on my bike and rode to the corner to wait for the light, he was... still going. he'd turned his head to watch me and there were faint, barely-audible herrr, herma, herma herma, mermahems coming from his general direction.