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Okay STORY TIME (AGAIN). Shorter this time, promise. This weekend I threw my back out again, which has effectively turned me into a hobbling old woman with some extreme sclerosis (totally listing to the right at all time, it's the only way to not... sob at all times). It's proving to be worse at night though, to the point where it's difficult to turn over and any attempts to do so wake me up. Last night was particularly bad, I woke up and any position I found caused some kind of pinching nervy pain thing. Also I sleep with my iPod playing, and usually have my iHome remote next to my bed.

Okay, here's the scene: I wake up at about 5 AM, can't manage to turn myself over onto my side, and Eddie Izzard is in the middle of an hour-long track. I need to change it to music, but I'm pretty sure the remote has been left at my desk. I can't turn myself over to effectively search for the remote though, just in case it's by my bed, let alone reach the iPod for manual changing. So I'm just lying there, crying and listening to Eddie Izzard, wishing I could flip over. WISHING I COULD CHANGE SOMETHING, ANYTHING, ABOUT MY CURRENT SITUATION, BUT TO NO AVAIL.

I think I eventually decided just to flop sadly on my back and let Eddie lull me back into sleep.


edit: oh, that reminds me! Anyone that still wants to do that art trade? I got totally awesome pictures from a few of you, IF THERE'S ANYONE ELSE WAITING TO DO IT THEN I SUGGEST YOU DO IT NOW. Today was gonna be the deadline, but I'm not going to be done arranging it until about tomorrow at 3 EST. Tiny little extension if anyone still wants to do it. 8D
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Okay story time. So I'm winding down in my room right, getting ready to sleep soon, ...and I hear this noise. It sounds sort of like... a heavy series of clacks? I can't really imagine what's making it, but I assume it's probably Sofia or Anna downstairs or something. It keeps going. I am puzzled. It keeps going. Add to that what kind of sounds like... really heavy breathing? My dad has this ancient black lab that wheezes like that sometimes, it reminded me of that. I go to my door and listen, and yeah, I really think I'm hearing a wheezing dog. wtf. We don't have a dog. I see that Anna and Sofia have gone to bed and Angelus (cat) at the top of the steps, looking innocent, and this is slightly reassuring because if there were a dog in the house, he'd be freaked out. Right? But he's a little retarded, so I'm kind of not 100% on that.

And mind you, this dog-in-the-house concern is legitimate. I had a friend tell me that for like a month they found crap strewn all over their kitchen/lower floors before realizing it was a feral dog, breaking in from the yard when no one was home. Our kitchen door is made of glass, something could have happened back there.

Also going through my head: A HOBO BROKE IN AND BROUGHT HIS DYING OLD DOG WITH HIM HE'S GONNA KILL US ALL. I look around for my glasses. Left them downstairs. I look around for my hockey stick. No idea where it is. Next course of action? TAKE WHATEVER THE FUCK IT IS HEAD ON.

So I creep carefully down the stairs, turning on every goddamn light as I go. Angelus is very cheerfully keeping pace with me. He's skittish so this should have been reassuring, but like I said, he's also retarded. I make it to the front door -- closed and locked -- and don't see the baseball bat we usually keep there. Damn. I guess I really am just going to have to bite this guy's throat out, if there's anyone in the house. MY SEARCH CONTINUES, ROOM BY ROOM AND LIGHT BY LIGHT.

...No one's there. All doors closed and locked. I can only conclude that Angelus was snorting and sliding his fat body down the stairs, collar clanking to make those noises. I wouldn't really put it past him.


anna and sofia don't make fun of me, i could have bravely saved your lives >:

edit: --oh wait. mystery solved.
stupid angelus. )
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HEY. ARTIST FRIENDS. Is anyone interested in doing quick art trade? I'm doing a mini comic for one of my finals, and if I have guest art in the back I get a higher grade. :D There are two characters (guy and girl) and one monster (lady snake thing) to pick from, and uh... I'll update this when I actually finish their character designs.

BUT YEAH. IT WOULD BE AWESOME IF YOU COULD HELP OUT. I'm just looking for something inked or a clean sketch, and I'd do the same for you.

And I'd need it by... about by the end of the week, next Tuesday at the latest. So if you want to but don't have time, DON'T GET MY HOPES UP. I'D CRY ON YOU. But I'd be totally willing to do another art trade after all my projects/commissions are done. B)

Pictures! )
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My stomach hurts from laughing and my shirt is still damp from being spritzed by the Disciplinary Spray Bottle.

Back to homework!
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:( I can't believe I fell asleep on the last episode of Sherlock with Caitlin. My body goes into NARCOLEPSY MODE sometimes, and there's just absolutely nothing I can do to stay awake. When it happens in movie theaters, I know to take my catnap as soon as I can, before the action starts, so I can wake up and see the rest of the movie.


Also!! Last night I had these annoying flowy sleeves, and I managed to knock my ink bottle off the desk and spill half of it. Good thing we have hardwood floors! And as I frowned down at these giant pools and smears of waterproof black ink sinking into the wood grain, I decided I had to dip my hands in it and make some neat handprints on my jeans. IT'S GOOD TO HAVE YOUR PRIORITIES IN LINE.

Then I drew six of these.

I hate comic strips. =_= You have to be funny to draw comic scripts. All I can do is make up obscene names to call people and swear a lot.

Got a job! Will with luck not starve to death before my next loan disbursal! Will almost definitely be in Portland next summer!
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After a solid three-day weekend of homework, today is good! I have no homework, the weather is ridiculously gorgeous, and my bike is in fine working order (after two flats and a broken chain over two months). WHAT BETTER TIME TO SIT INDOORS ALL DAY AND GLUE MYSELF TO THE INTERNET??

I have... art to post. I think I'll do that here, since I don't feel like using my journal like a journal.

be enticed by this grumpy bitch, come see more )
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Here I sit feverish and generally out of it, but happy with Zelda in the background and heavy Mexican accepts on the Harvest Moon NPCs. And Anna has just entered Midnight Crazy Time. I had to skip work today due to sick, and took the time to go get fro-yo (is that what the cool people call it?) with Caitlin instead. Possibly not the best idea to go strolling around Savannah when I'm feeling this shitty, but it was fun anyway.

AWA with Lilly and all those jerks was awesome. I met one of Those People that you usually only see online and then wonder how they function in society. This one was a crazy Lion King nerd, who spent about 15 minutes just spinning off facts about the epic Lion King fanfiction she was apparently writing in her head? She never referenced it as fiction though, she was just telling us all these things like they were absolute fact. (Mufasa's second wife was a spotted lioness, and they had three beautiful daughters.) It was not required that we respond, or even look at her. She just kept going. I also rather enjoyed the ride there and back, even though it was just Lilly and me in the car. And cookies/brownies. That part was cool. We talked about the nerdiest of nerdy shit forever.

Sequential Art building Lab Monitor doesn't have any positions open for Work Study like I wanted, but I had a few backup options. Have to talk to them, like, yesterday. At least I've got one job in the meantime, which really isn't so bad. Especially now that I've changed the hours so I actually have time to do homework. My first week of school came with about 2 minutes of spare time total, but it should be better now.

I love my classes so far, but it's hard to get into Art History online. I'm not entirely sure what's expected of me, and it might have been wise to take the first Art History in class, so at least I get the hang of a history class. But, as Caitlin pointed out, it's online. I have Google. Who needs a textbook? I don't know why I didn't think of that, I failed today as an internet nerd. BUT THE OTHER CLASSES. I like those. My teachers are awesome, as I'm beginning to suspect all of the SEQA professors are. The second class in Materials & Techniques, the professor had a fight in front of the class between his three French curves, ending in his Indiana Jones action figure finding the Lost French Curve of (insert exotic place here) and making off with it.

So glad I'm in classes this term. Need to find a new cosigner for next year. Maybe mom will have a job by then, maybe April would be willing.

Also I want to play Mei from Avatar at Paradisa like burning. Also Spider Jerusalem, either at Paradisa or CnC. And Nolan!verse Bruce Wayne anywhere where they have a substantial Batcast and I don't play Carrie (which narrows it down a little, doesn't it?). Any suggestions on that latter, anyone who's made it this far in the entry and knows that sort of thing? 8(

Okay. Heading back into to my fevered existence.
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that... photomeme. thing. check my sweet deadpool shirt, yeeaaahhhh. CONGRATULATIONS YOU FUCKERS ARE ALL TAGGED. i think i'm talking about cancer right here.

and i am off to man the artist alley table for the last day of the con! i'm halfway to my financial goal, but i've already accepted that i'm not going to earn as much as this trip has cost me. OH WELL, IT WAS FUN ANYWAY.
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Awww, LJ, you assbutt. I did a phone post, but then remembered afterward that my paid account expired today.


I was biking home in the dark the wrong way on a one-way street, and saw what was, without a doubt, Savannah's Finest. It was this crazy looking motherfucker, black as they come, dressed in all black, with a trench coat and a top hat. Also pushing a shopping cart down the street. And glaring at me. But he didn't try to kill me, so he's alright in my book.

That is all.

It would have made a better voice post. >:
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- )

The first assignment in Intro to Sequential is a one page comic about how you spent your 4th of July. My 4th of July holiday was cool, but the actual night of was... a little awkward and out of my comfort zone. I thumbnailed it tonight and jeez I'm making myself look like a pathetic loner. BUT WHATEV, MAYBE IT WILL BE SLIGHTLY MEANINGFUL? I like to think it will be. Also I like my Liz-character-design dealie.

Also also, there was a collaborative roommate effort, and I got my next haircut! It'd been far too long since I changed it, and I was missing my mohawk, so I went with a chelsea hawk.

And from the side! Next step is dying it. >)

Um what else... I went to a party and flirted all night with one guy before kissing him goodbye as we left, and the next night got a guy from work to make me dinner. I think I'll just start hitting on everyone. Always. It gets good results. (And speaking of that party, it was the first time I got properly drunk. I spent the entire time pretending like I wasn't, and concentrating on walking smoothly and carefully, and not tripping down stairs, and it went rather well. But I did end up talking way too much. I remember when we got home I was standing in the doorway to the bathroom, waiting to feel sick enough to go throw up, and having a conversation in the meanwhile about grammar and stuff. And then at one point I went, "Ooops, disappearing!", went to barf, and returned to continue talking.)

And now it looks like those fuckers I live with are pouring wine, so I guess I'll see if I still think it sucks or not and then go to bed. IT'S GOOD TO HAVE PLANS.

edit: yeah still sucks. BEDTIME.
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I just heard the best wedding toast ever, you guys. You don't even know.

Okay so it's this guy's son, right, and the guy is on his third wife. Apparently they keep getting younger. So there's the context, the quote is, "I want to thank my dad for finally getting me what I always wanted. A younger sister."

Cue the most awkward silence ever.


Anyway, on to the three prompts Michigan made me miss. )

When I get home I'm gonna ask out that guy who's name I can never remember.

01 + 02

Sep. 2nd, 2010 02:24 am
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I... I think I actually want to do this meme... blame [Bad username or site: rockpet title=Caitlin @], I stole it from her. Mine won't be so eloquently written, though.

day 01 – introduce yourself
day 02 – your first love

day 03 – your parents
day 04 – what you ate today
day 05 – your definition of love
day 06 – your day
day 07 – your best friend
day 08 – a moment
day 09 – your beliefs
day 10 – what you wore today
day 11 – your siblings
day 12 – what’s in your bag
day 13 – this week
day 14 – what you wore today
day 15 – your dreams
day 16 – your first kiss
day 17 – your favorite memory
day 18 – your favorite birthday
day 19 – something you regret
day 20 – this month
day 21 – another moment
day 22 – something that upsets you
day 23 – something that makes you feel better
day 24 – something that makes you cry
day 25 – a first
day 26 – your fears
day 27 – your favorite place
day 28 – something that you miss
day 29 – your aspirations
day 30 – one last moment

YOU'RE PROBABLY GOING TO WANT TO AVOID THESE WHEN THEY POP UP. You have my full permission to do so. )

...What I ate today, really? That one's going to be boring when I get to it. --Oh, damn, and I already stole "First Kiss"'s subject matter, didn't I? Oh well.

Oh, yeah, and I drew Ursula today!

Love that bitch.

Actually, no wait, I'm gonna be a douchebag and talk about myself some more. )
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Today I was given the arduous task of taking portfolios out of plastic wrappers at work. This is my story.

i'm so good at this arting thing you guys, you don't even know.

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AD: You're going to be the crazy cat lady. I have decided that it is your destiny.
Sent at 4:23 AM on Sunday
me: oh, i've long since known that
AD: It's true though :(
Sent at 4:26 AM on Sunday
me: i know it is
all my relationship-oriented friends will start marrying off
and it'll just be me and the cats
AD: That's exactly how it'll happen
And once everyone realizes you have so many cats they won't visit anymore, because your house smells like cat pee but you don't notice
me: yeah...
Sent at 4:29 AM on Sunday

AD: Then you'll die alone and no one will know you've gone, for a few weeks. And when the police break in to find your corpse they'll see amazing works of art everywhere, genius works of art, that you couldn't show anyone, because you had no one to show.
me: also the cats will have eaten my body

Well, good thing I got that worked out.
AHH LIFE. I can't wait until school starts. I hope it does.
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o-oh god... this is probably the last post I'll make with a paid account... ;_; I'M GONNA MISS ALL THOSE ICONS. Have to make this icon count. (who better than Plastic Man for that?)

FOUR MORE OTAKON COMMISSIONS TO GO! \o/ And then I can finally finish Elei and Robyn's icons and AJ's sketches, sob. I will never be that one artist you commissioned that never got back to you, though. :| I know how that feels, and it's fucking shitty.

There were a couple I did at the con that I wished I could have scanned before I gave away -- a watercolored Batwoman, a running-for-their-lives Jack and 10th Doctor. They were pretty cute. :< BUT WHAT YOU'VE DRAWN ONCE, YOU CAN ALWAYS RECREATE.

Favorites of what I've done since Otakon! )
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I... I have a Plurk. I finally succumbed. SIGH. Add me, bitches. :|

and in other news... )


third night in a row.

Seriously, though. I've never had a piercing bleed before, especially not this much. And this selectively, wtf. STOP TRYING TO BE SPECIAL, PIERCING #11.
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okay so after my 7 hour airport waiting adventure yesterday, i get here today for my new flight, two hours early in case Samir's car broke down on the way (entirely possible, it's having troubles getting over 20mph), and they delay the flight 45 minutes. okay. okay, i should still make my connection.

however, my already very short trip home is already cut a day short, which is less than cool. so i called united and basically fucked them in the ear until they agreed to move my return flight out a day later. i now leave portland on friday the 13th instead of thursday the 12th, which seems a little ominous, but there we go.

the theme of this summer is haphazard.
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okay. it's that time again.

1) I get to see dad tomorrow! And Ruth, mom, and any other of the Parent Bunch I left in Portland. Is April up this week? I don't think so. But still, that's three, not bad.
2) I get to have dad and Ruth's cooking again!
3) I hear Portland weather is awesome right now.
4) I get to see Inception again! With dad!
5) Get to hang out with Haley (for a night), Michael, Zac, Susannah, Alan! Possibly Nyx?
7) I guess it'll be okay to see the dogs again.
9) I have enough money, thanks to Otakon, to get a taxi, if I absolutely have to.
10) I get to see Alicia when I come back!
11) Portland will provide a much-needed opportunity to sit down and work on commissions!


the bad things aren't all that many, sometimes they just seem really big. which they're not. the good things will be remembered, the bad things will be gone in a week or less. so shut the hell up, bad things.

for the record, though, i would prefer NOT to spend another 7 hours at the savannah airport just to have to turn around and go home again at the end of it all
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Slated to be added-
Poison Ivy
Green Arrow
Green Lantern
Wonder Girl


Also, MARVEL GUYS, WHO ARE THE MOST POPULAR FUCKERS? I have so little experience with Marvel that I'd just do Deadpool, Black Bolt because I'm a fangirl, and Wolverine. 8(

Also! If anyone wants requests, I'm taking them! I'd prefer popular characters (anime or comics, if it's live action it'd better be REALLY popular, to justify all my tears), but if you have this obscure character that you absolutely love the shit out of, I might take pity on you.

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