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HEY GUYS, GUESS WHO'S A DUMBASS. THAT WOULD BE ME. My hobbies include parking my car in places I shouldn't, getting it towed, and then forking over $384 to get it back! So this is officially an emergency commission drive!

If I get a lot of takers (WERE I SO LUCKY), then between work and classes, my progress will be a little slow. But I solemnly swear it won't be slower than two-months slow, and I will keep you updated via email. If it looks like something's going to delay me longer than that, I'll alert you, and you'll have the option to keep waiting, or ask for a full refund.

But! If all goes accordingly to plan, then:
STEP ONE: Email me your fondest hearts desires, to!
-Include character(s), plus reference/description if OC! I can look up fandom characters.
-Tell me what you want them doing/how you want them drawn! You can be as vague or specific as you like.
-Tell me whether you want sketch, inked, flat colors, or full CG
-aaand whether it's bust/full body/full body + background

STEP TWO: I'll confirm the price, and you can paypal me the full amount to the same address, Once I receive payment, work begins.

STEP THREE: If the piece involves a background or more than one character, I'll email you the sketch to make sure you like it. Otherwise, I'll just send the finished work!


But Liz, you say, what on Earth are you charging for this? WELL...


Sketch: $5 (+ $3 per each additional character past the first)
Ink: $10 (+ $5 per)
Flat Color: $15 (+ $8 per)
CG: $20 (+ $10 per)
Examples: Sketch | Ink | Flat Color | CG

Full body
Sketch: $10 (+ $5 per)
Ink: $15 (+ $8 per)
Flat Color: $20 (+ $10 per)
CG: $30 (+ $13 per)
Examples: Sketch | Ink | Flat Color | CG

Full body + Background
Sketch: $20 (+ $7 per)
Ink: $25 (+ $10 per)
Flat Color: $35 (+ $13 per)
CG: $45 (+ $15 per)
(Color pictures without backgrounds will have a vague atmospheric thing going on, but this is for specific/detailed backgrounds.)
Examples: Sketch | Ink | Flat Color | CG

Comic pages: This is negotiable, depending on if you want it sketched, inked, toned, or colored. It also depends on how many panels and how many characters, so comment here or email me or something and we'll talk!
Examples: Sketch | Line Art | Render | Screen Tone | Full Color

Icons: These are negotiable too, depending on how much of the character you want in it and what sort of background.
Inked/Grayscale: $4
Flat Colors: $6
CG: $8
Examples: Ink/Grayscale | Flat Color | CG

Jerks: These are by a preexisting design that I already have and you want as a sticker, or a commission of one (commissioned ones come with a free sticker version!!)
Sticker alone: ยข50
Commission+sticker: $5
Examples: Commissioned file size | Preexisting list so far
Note: To cover shipping costs, the minimum amount of stickers I can sell is 5 (for $2.50), but I can ship them anywhere around the globe. Also, I have a sale going on of 15 stickers for $5!


Also, HERE is my DeviantART gallery, if you want a better feel for what you'll get out of this!

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