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Character List

Original Characters:
[personal profile] spiderwife ([personal profile] spidertits Araña (Ana Ramír) for [community profile] distantskies
[personal profile] heavyhitter Ana Ramir (Taranto) ([personal profile] heavilyhit) for [community profile] maskormenace, [community profile] capitalh, [community profile] futurology
[personal profile] ahundredfaces Shrew la Luz
[personal profile] samham Samhain October for [community profile] exsilium
[personal profile] themaneater Khrall for [community profile] exsilium
[personal profile] flightlessbird ([personal profile] stricken) Artika for [community profile] exsilium
[personal profile] healplz Ashraf Salib (Ragnarok Online) for [community profile] exsilium
[personal profile] highhealplz Ashraf Salib (Ragnarok Online) for [community profile] exsilium, [community profile] box_network, [community profile] maskormenace
[personal profile] bearswitness ([personal profile] freshlysummoned) The Witness (Eshkol) for [community profile] exsilium
[personal profile] implying ([personal profile] vanadi) ([personal profile] kitrite) ([personal profile] installed) ([personal profile] outright) Vanadi for [community profile] exsilium
[personal profile] wereraptor ([personal profile] preemptive) Thomas Damian Witzbold for [community profile] the_devils_see
[personal profile] nifsaji Damian qun Armad
[personal profile] fishbreath Maria del Andallo for [community profile] box_network, [community profile] maskormenace
[personal profile] heroworshipping Riley Riker
[personal profile] aconstruct The Fiery Traveler
[personal profile] smilebig Vashir
[personal profile] ubitech Venus
[personal profile] faraldo, [personal profile] thegodmother Jolanda Faraldo
[personal profile] waywearied Savio
[personal profile] shittalk Parker Ryan
[personal profile] rescuee Jatuarnada Joadiarnadata

[personal profile] bitchinbeanie/[personal profile] liprings Jan Valentine [Hellsing] for [ profile] plutoix, [ profile] rivelata, [community profile] capeandcowl, [community profile] theoregontrail, [community profile] thespiderswalk, [community profile] sirenspull, [community profile] amatomnes
[personal profile] ladyguns (genderswap) Jan Valentine [Hellsing] for [community profile] queenofheartsrp
[personal profile] orchestrate Chrollo Lucifer [HunterxHunter] for [community profile] maskormenace
[personal profile] spiderbeef, [personal profile] flexing Ubogin [HunterxHunter]
[personal profile] bifurcate Zorin Blitz [Hellsing]
[personal profile] detroitsmash All Might [Hero Academy]
[personal profile] bitlip Josuke Higashikata [Jojo's Bizarre Adventure]
[personal profile] hatbullets Guido Mista [Jojo's Bizarre Adventure]

[personal profile] idkmybffjesus/[personal profile] biffed Biff [Lamb] for [community profile] box_network, [community profile] capeandcowl
[personal profile] thebigzee Zaphod Beeblebrox [Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy]
[personal profile] oncebrave Yossarian [Catch-22] for [ profile] asylumproject, [profile] plutoix, [community profile] theoregontrail, [community profile] theposthumans
[personal profile] darkhilarity Randal Flagg [The Stand] for [ profile] rivelata
[personal profile] onblackwings ([personal profile] khisanth/[personal profile] fantasycliche/[personal profile] likethestone) Khisanth/Onyx [DragonLance] for [community profile] capeandcowl, [community profile] paradisa, [community profile] exsilium
[personal profile] onhunkwings Genderswap!Khisanth [Dragonlance]
[personal profile] bottlegreen/[personal profile] agentleman William Laurence [Temeraire] for [community profile] distantskies, [community profile] exsilium
[personal profile] backhanded Joffrey Baratheon [A Song of Ice and Fire]
[personal profile] heavyhanded ([personal profile] goldenson/[personal profile] sisterfucker/[personal profile] midastouched) Jamie Lannister [A Song of Ice and Fire] for [community profile] capeandcowl
[personal profile] wolfless Sansa Star [A Song of Ice and Fire]


[personal profile] careforacoup Maximus [Marvel] for [community profile] thespiderswalk
[personal profile] slingshots ([personal profile] girlyboywonder) ([personal profile] studyinred) Carrie Kelley/Robin [DC] for [ profile] rivelata, [community profile] paradisa, [community profile] sirenspull, [community profile] capeandcowl, [community profile] amatomnes, [community profile] the_devils_see, [community profile] exsilium
[personal profile] catmask Carrie Kelley (Catgirl) for [community profile] capeandcowl
[personal profile] quivive Carrie Kelley (DK3)
[personal profile] boltalicious ([personal profile] boltagon/[personal profile] blackagar) Black Bolt [Marvel] for [community profile] paradisa, [community profile] capeandcowl
[personal profile] supermanly Superman [DC] for [community profile] amatomnes, [community profile] the_devils_see, [community profile] capeandcowl
[personal profile] nightwingingit Dick Grayson [DC]
[personal profile] sassedbyshades Dirk Strider [Homestuck]
[personal profile] cullerist Her Imperious Condescension [Homestuck]
[personal profile] catformer Ravage [IDW Transformers]
[personal profile] mnemosurgeries Chromedome [IDW Transformers]

TV Shows
[personal profile] righteoushog, [personal profile] futuretensed Brooklyn [Gargoyles] for [community profile] capeandcowl, [community profile] carvaka
[personal profile] laughlikea Hyena [Gargoyles]
[personal profile] momjeans Elisa Maza [Gargoyles]
[personal profile] flowersforamy Vincent Van Gogh [Doctor Who] for [community profile] amatomnes
[personal profile] lospolloshermanos Gus Fring [Breaking Bad]
[personal profile] paintjobs/[personal profile] knocko Knock Out [Transformers Prime] for [community profile] box_network, [community profile] maskormenace
[personal profile] lucky38 Smokescreen [Transformers Prime]
[personal profile] airachnophobia Airachnid [Transformers Prime]
[personal profile] buffedthat Breakdown [Transformers Prime] for [community profile] capitalh
[personal profile] technicallyhomeless Jean-Ralphio Saperstein [Parks and Rec]
[personal profile] backinbismuth Bismuth [Steven Universe]

[personal profile] halfheart Draco [Dragonheart]
[personal profile] peroxideblonde Sasha Kaidanovsky [Pacific Rim]
[personal profile] featherwings Maleficent [Maleficent]
[personal profile] takingnoprisoners Grant Mazzy [Pontylake]
[personal profile] v8disciple Nux [Mad Max]
[personal profile] samuraibug Beetle [Kubo and the Two Strings]

[personal profile] distort, [personal profile] fearofspiders Widowmaker [Overwatch]
[personal profile] sleepdart Ana Amari [Overwatch]

[personal profile] interruptingcorpse Misc Zombies

Total: 76

On InsaneJournal --
smileforme - Takana Damashii Wizbold "Thomas Damien Witzbold" - staugustine
spiderwife - Aranya - staugustine
wedjat - Horus - forgottengods
placethestars - Coyote
niveous - savio
boozemedicine - sponde
disbound - pyran
coldlogic - venus

sat-upon DW names --
shittalk parker
distort widowmaker
deface personal projects
flexing uvo
stricken artika

Currently Active [as of 9/1/2013]

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