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12:54:24 AM blahtouchmyballs: hey you
12:54:36 AM Fatty: man i swear i keep blocking this nameā€¦
12:54:51 AM blahtouchmyballs: Hey! You're on my buddylist & i was just wondering if i knew you. 24/f here, and you?
12:55:14 AM Fatty: i kind of hate adium sometimes, you know? it makes it awkward when you think you've blocked someone and then they IM you the next day
12:55:29 AM blahtouchmyballs: ah sorry.. i get forgetful at times! how are you?
12:55:33 AM Fatty: i bet bots have that problem all the time, they try and block a fellow bot and then suddenly it's inviting them out to be oiled down
12:55:45 AM Fatty: aaaaaawkward
12:55:46 AM blahtouchmyballs: ok.. whatever ur just dumb lol im not a bot
12:56:02 AM blahtouchmyballs: Just got out of the shower, been a long day i was pretty busy. :/ but i'm feeling naught! Looking to relieve some stress lol. so what's up ..... want to have some fun? ;)
12:56:21 AM Fatty: i like to suck eggs i've stolen from the zoo
12:56:38 AM blahtouchmyballs: naughty* i mean sorry typo lol
12:56:48 AM Fatty: but what about my eggs?
12:56:53 AM Fatty: who's going to care about my ovaries?
12:57:08 AM blahtouchmyballs: I need someone that can make a girl squirt ;) ...have u ever made a girl squirt? lolz
12:57:38 AM Fatty: i just don't think that you have my best interests at heart
12:57:47 AM blahtouchmyballs: im gunna change my clothes. wanna watch? ;)
12:59:52 AM Fatty: only if you're juggling eggs at the time. i have needs too, you know.
1:00:03 AM blahtouchmyballs: wanna watch me on cam?
1:00:20 AM Fatty: helloooo? eggs? god you're selfish. all you ever think about is yourself!
1:00:33 AM blahtouchmyballs: Click the green "accept invite" button in the middle of my profile..k now fill out ur info.. give it a second to load.. when you get in let me know, i'd love for you to join me in private ;) k?
1:02:00 AM Fatty: you're so rude 8[

why am i so easily amused.

PS!!! I seem to have officially given up on checking my flist! This is unfortunate. If it looks like I'm neglecting anyone, I swear it's not because I hate you!

Just kidding it actually is because I hate you.

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But more seriously (although I'm not sure how serious I can be when we're talking about AIMbots called blahtouchmyballs) I think I've only run into an AIM bot once. But I've been getting a ton of LJ spam which goes pretty much along those lines. A lot of porn spam.

Maybe the bots are conspiring to have a giant cyborg/human orgy.

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