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She liked to go by Boss. She liked her own name just fine, considering she'd picked it herself, but she appreciated the image that went with the kind of woman that was called Boss by all her subordinates. She'd give suggestions with a laugh and a challenging grin that made it clear how not up for debate these suggestions really were.

"You look better in black," she'd point out to a hapless victim, of which there was no short supply. "More commanding. Who's going to respect a guy that can't even dress well enough to ask for it?"

There was confidence in every black high-heeled step, but God help you if you got caught underfoot. For all the laughing and grinning, there was a steel behind her friendly nature. She'd worked her way to the top with more than just fashion advice. A fact to which, if you dug deeply enough, every skeleton stashed in the closets along her ladder could attest.

There was almost always a knowing quirk to her wide lips, and if she happened not to be knowing just at that moment, then it was a well-kept secret. She owned a pair of fast-moving hands, capable of fine manipulation or quick strikes, and wore an easy grace that spoke of no wasted movements. When she was "in the field", the sleek, classy look changed to grunge. Hair was haphazardly shoved back, left to whip and tangle, which it often did. Once-fashionable clothing retained a sense of intention, even if it was ragged and disarrayed. Those cutting green eyes were still sharp, but action showed in them plans and executions, rather than just scheming. And the quirk of a smile had grown to a grin, because this was her element.

Man I really have not updated lately have I. :T I've checked my flist even less often. I am a big whore.

Has anyone here gotten a plurk since I last checked? That seems to be where most of my social interactions go...

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