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 ⇣ busts ⇣

sketch, $20
(plus $15 for each extra character)

ink, $30
(plus $20 each)

color, $35
(plus $25 each)

traditional, $45
(plus $30 each)

   ⇣ full-body ⇣

sketch, $30
(plus $20 each)
+$15 for detailed background

ink, $40
(plus $30 each)
+$20 for detailed background

color, $50
(plus $35 each)
+$20 for detailed background

traditional, $60
(plus $40 each)
+$35 for detailed background

   ⇣ comic pages ⇣
These prices vary a lot, depending on if you want it penciled, inked, or colored.
It also depends on how many panels and how many characters, so email me ( and we'll talk!

pencil, shaded or unshaded


flat color

full color

   ⇣ icons ⇣

See this page for icon commissions!

   ⇣ how to commission? ⇣

I will draw OCs, fandom characters, non-human characters, monsters, nsfw art, and furries.
If you're interested, please drop me an email (, with the following:

•What level of commission you would like, along with whatever pose/scenario you had in mind (if any).
•Visual references of the character(s). A written description will do, if there aren't any visuals.
•A brief description of personality.
•Payment! I do ask for the money up front, and can only add you to the list once I've received payment.

I will give you a time estimate for when I expect to finish your commission.
If at any time you feel it's taking too long, I will send whatever level of work I've completed and refund you the rest of your money.

NOTE: For complex character designs, I reserve the right to charge a little more!

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